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Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Commitment

Yep, it's cliché, but hey, I'm in fitness. The New Year is here and this is the time when people are rushing to gyms and signing up for 1 or 2 year memberships. I see it every year. The first couple weeks of the New Year are very busy. Then, come February or even March, the crowd thins out- classes go from barely being able to lift a weight without whacking someone in the head to cozy, then to spacious.

It's curious, isn't it? Everyone knows that exercise makes you feel good, help you to trim down and improve overall health and most people have accepted that diet can make or break your fitness plan. The basics are pretty simple. Exercise daily, eat lots of green vegetables, drink plenty of water, and repeat. Life gets in the way though. Sometimes we are rushing around and we cannot make it to the gym. Other times we forget our lunch and we shamefully pull in to a fast food joint or other quick fix.

Life is imperfect, that's for sure. Things don't always go as planned. What it comes down to though....there are excuses and then there are RESULTS.

As a former high school teacher and a fitness instructor, I have heard my fair share of excuses. Most of the excuses were by all means completely justified..."I got caught in traffic, can't make it tonight," "I'm feeling sick," and so forth. Life happens of course, but what happens when you're going down a path and you come up to a hurdle? Jump over it! Crawl under it! Blow it up with a bazooka!! (metaphorically speaking eh hem)
Do what you have to deal with your hurdle, then hop back to it.
To help you with your goals, I am offering some great deals on bootcamps and body rolling classes. Taken together, these classes will absolutely transform your body. I say this without reservation. With the bootcamps I also give nutritional advice and detox diet plans to follow.
So, if you have weight-loss or fitness goals, make the commitment. There is no better time than NOW so let’s do it! Happy New Year!

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