Body Rolling

Body Rolling
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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Yoga Practice Confessions

Yoga is Practice. This is my mantra right now. My mantra seems to change often, but right here, right now, these three words speak to me.

This is what I tell my students when I ask them to go from a wide legged split into a tripod and maybe a tripod headstand and “float” out of it gracefully. I demonstrate this particular move quite well. I hear some students say, “Woah,” under their breath and others when I come up from the demo look at me like I just gave birth to an alien unicorn. I have to say, getting some recognition for my hard work does feel good. I'm like anyone else, I like a pat on the back here in there, I like my parents to be proud of me, and I like the feeling of reaching my goals. That being said, I had to work friggin hard to get to this point.

When people see me float up into certain poses (I use floating very loosely too as I wobble a bit here and there) know that I have flipped myself over so many times. I have crashed myself against walls, furnitures, even bibles and small children. One memorable time when I was first gaining confidence in my work on headstand, I demonstrated it only I wound up front of everyone...while leading a class. Yoga sure has a way of making you stay humble.

So, to my students who see me up in handstand and holding out my body to the side and all will come. I promise, but you have to keep consistent. Try not to let your ego get the best of you or fear prevent you from trying.

Practice, practice, practice, and all is coming. *Please read out loud in Indian accent for full effect*