Body Rolling

Body Rolling
This is how we do!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I love what I do. I really do. I liked teaching English and I loved my students, but with the career path that I chose, I love my clients and I love what I do. I am constantly pouring over health and fitness books, yoga journals, taking new classes or seminars based on spirituality, yoga, or fitness. I am constantly learning and sharing what I learn with some of the most awesome people I know.

I have more than one amazing group of ladies that support me with my endeavors as well. First there's my team. I skate on the Bradentucky Bombers Roller Derby League based out of Bradenton Florida. I am proud to say I am homegrown. I started with this league and I will continue with this league through thick and thin.

I am very privileged and honored to not only skate with these ladies, but also to be their endurance and conditioning coach. They have supported me and encouraged me like my family would. I met my best friend on this team on top of developing equally important relationships through the league.

This brings me to my next group of supporters, my awesome bootcampers. I look forward to every Tuesday and Thursday because I get to work with these ladies. They are dedicated, sincere, and ambitious women that I am lucky enough to work with. Even when I make them do bootcamps titled, “Insanity” or “2 minutes of Hell,” they lock and load and give me 100%. Through rain, cramps, puke, sickness, and complete muscle failure, they give me their all and in those moments they are truly inspiring to me. If I ever have any doubts about what I do, those doubts are quickly thwarted by the thought of my bootcampers; faces grimacing with pain during the workout and afterwards giving me a “Thanks Kuz!” or “Great Class.”

Below is a testimonial of one of my girls. I am proud to say that her quickness is nothing short of incredibly impressive and her endurance has skyrocketed. She lost 13&1/2 inches in her first month and she is continuing to shed at a rapid rate. Perhaps she doesn’t realize how much of an inspiration she is to people, but alongside her humility is a powerful radiance that lights up even the darkest room.

"Hello. My name is Nicole Wetherington, but I am better known on my blog and when I skate as Blondefabulous. I am a mom of 3 great kids, wife to an awesome husband, and a player of the great sport, Roller Derby. Recently, my family and I had to move to Bradenton FL for my husband’s work. This was going to make it necessary for me to switch to the local derby team, the Bradentucky Bombers. In the process of this, I was offered a chance to get stronger, lighter, and faster by attending Erin aka Yakuza Girl’s fitness boot camp. I signed up immediately. At the time I was measured and checked at the beginning, I was about a size 14/16 and weighed 187lbs.

The boot camps were held out in the open in a local park instead of in an enclosed room. The exercises were many and varied. I don’t think we have done the same set of exercises twice in a row. While the class did the exercises, Erin would work with each of us individually to correct form, demonstrate position, and encourage us to keep pushing. That was something else that helped me. Erin always texted encouragement, opportunities for body rolling classes and one on one training. Having this support made it easy to stay with the program. I looked forward to going to boot camp.

Today, after just 4 weeks with the program, I am in a size 11. I lost 7 pounds, 2% body fat, and 13 ¼ inches!!! I know I also gained muscle as well, because I have defined quad muscles now!! I cannot even begin to convey my excitement over these results. I immediately re-upped for another 6 weeks of the program.

Now, I can skate longer at derby practice. I can actually run. RUN people! I have never run in my entire life. I feel strong, healthy, and vibrant! Just look at my before and after photos! The time differential is a year and a half, but my after picture shows how much more toned I am. Erin I recommend Erin’s fitness boot camp to anyone who is looking for that extra oomph in their fitness routine, because Erin’s program is anything but routine."