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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Profound Transformation Doesn’t Happen Until You Find Your Motivation Trigger

When I first started working as a personal trainer I was asked to picture myself the way I wanted to be…the perfect me. In the image, I was to visualize every detail from the sharp curviness of my calves to the suppleness of my biceps and the contrast of my rounded hips to my slender waist. I was able to focus long enough to create my personal paragon of fitness and it made me smile. Afterwards, I was told to picture my face and imagine the way I would feel. That was when I felt an emotional surge. I felt happy and satisfied with myself, I felt relieved, I felt energized and confident, and I felt in tune with my mind, body, and spirit. I almost started crying. It was overwhelming. My motivational trigger was not a fitness model cut body; my motivation was being satisfied with myself, being healthy, and being relieved.

Since that day, my focus shifted from teaching clients to count calories and follow a set routine of cardio and strength according to the book, to really finding their motivation trigger and using that to develop a program to reach that goal. If the journey ends with a goal that is set in the deepest held values of the individual, success becomes easier to reach and maintain.

So, my advice to find your true motivation is to be true to yourself. What do you hope to attain from starting a fitness program? What was the pressing issue or feeling that made you walk through the gym doors and sign a 2 year contract? Remember, be honest with yourself and if you need support or if you work better in a group, hire a personal trainer or join a bootcamp. Personal trainers can give you perspective on what you need to do to reach your goal and boost your training and knowledge. This will give you additional tools you will surely need along the way.


Erin Geraghty-Balent
CPT/Yoga/Martial Arts

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