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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

4 Moves to a Fantastic Body!!!

I've compiled a list of my favorite moves to get a sexy and sculpted body. These moves are multi-joint exercises and can be done in a circuit or combined with other exercises. Be sure to use precise technique with these moves (I've listed a few tips). If you feel unsure in your ability to master these moves, get a trainer. Yes, you'll spend a few bucks, but you'll get the most out of your exercise, avoid injury, and you'll have the reassurance and confidence of a health professional.

Happy Workouts!!!!
Deadlift: I love love love this exercise. Not only does it work the core and hamstrings, it works the glutes and some calves too. It is my one stop exercise stop to work all areas below the waist on the back side. Of course there are different methods to this exercise. A stiff-legged deadlift with target more lowback and hamstrings. Personally, I prefer to bend my knees a bit, shift the weight into my heels consciously and isometricly contract all of my muscles in my legs to create more resistance, and sync the lifting of my upper body with the micro-movement straightening of my legs. If you want to lift your butt, firm your hamstrings, activate your quads, and strengthen your core, try this move.

Bench Press: I love the results I get with my bench press. I like to mix it up and do wide and close grip presses to hit slightly different areas of the chest. To get the maximum results from this exercise, it is best to have a buddy or trainer there to spot you. I like to go to exhaustion; to where a would not be able to complete a rep unless I had someone there to give me a boost at the end. Some tips for this move, make sure your traps are down and your shoulder blades are rolled up, back, and down into place and make sure the bar is right across the center of the chest.

Arnolds: I don’t know about you, but I love sexy defined shoulders and this move is full-spectrum. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Arnolds, you hold your barbells right in front of you to start with palms facing you and elbows together. The first move is reminescient of a reverse fly so you will end with your palms facing straight away from you. Once you’ve opened up your elbows and shoulders press up like a standard shoulder press and almost touch the weights together at the top. Bring the weights down and go wide again so your elbow are out to your sides. Rotate the weights so your palms with face each other and elbows and wrists come close together. You can also reverse this move and start by lifting up the weights and your palms face you and the weights are together and then spread them at the top. Either way, if you can pound out a couple sets of these bad boys, your shoulders are on their way to becoming sexified.

Lat Pull Down: When I was first personal training, this move was my first love. You can vary this move in so many different ways. You can use a standard cable or modify with lighter hand weights and keep your arms in a V. I also picture my elbows going into my ribcage as I pull down and I always make sure my wrists stay straight and that my chest pops out so I can hit my lats and really squeeze them good. One caution with this exercise…if your traps are really tight, they’re going to steal the exercise from your lats. If this is the case, try taking a tennis ball or a body rolling class and roll out any tight spots or knots around the shoulder blades.

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